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our hope.


I love our products.  I use them (religiously).

I've handmade and gifted them for fam and friends for years. 

But why go through all the trouble of a whole company?

Making money, attaining wealth, on it's own doesn't do it for me.  The almighty dollar has never really motivated me and it's definitely never inspired me. 

Generosity, acts of kindness, love, compassion, mercy, hope for the "hopeless" those things inspire me.

So we decided to give back 11% of our profits to organizations dedicated to rebuilding the human spirit.  It's not hard to see the brokenness in and around us . . . . I certainly have my fair share . . . but we want to be a small support to those selfless organizations that HEAL . . . PEOPLE's hearts and minds.  



There are countless organizations that selflessly give.  

Most of which I've never heard of - non-profits don't typically

have huge marketing budgets!!  ;)


If there is a non-profit organization that you are personally

passionate about because they're making moves  & making a difference, please let me know about them!! 

I would LOVE to hear from you. 

Passionate about an organization?

Thanks for submitting!

I'd love to know about it! Please, tell me more.

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