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Every momma's why . . . my beautiful children

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These gifts in human form, inspire me to be a better woman,

follow my dreams, and are truly my biggest fans.

a lil bout me . . . 

I'm Jenny and I'm obsessed with oils!!  Sadly, it wasn't always that way.

I grew up in the 80's where everyone believed that anything "oily" clogs your pores and makes you breakout.  Period. 


Thankfully, I'm not always right about things.  Nor are the folks behind the marketing dept. of many major beauty brands, turns out. 


I really stepped up my game in taking care of my body (which included doing my own research about what was CLEAN and safe and natural), during my first pregnancy.   This is when I started using oils on my skin - when happily, the myth of the 80's was busted.  

In fact, oils found on our earth are extremely compatible with our human skin.  The primary ingredient in your typical lotion/moisturizer, is water, which definitely makes sense, to add moisture.  However, beyond the water, ingredients created in a lab never penetrate beyond your skin's first layer, which is why that dewy glow you had in the morning, inevitably fades throughout the day.  

Let me geek out just for one second here. 

Oils are different in that they not only moisturize, they are rich in nutrients that your largest organ need, but they LOCK in, replenish and protect that moisture barrier!

Essential oils are different from fixed oils or carrier oils. They are very concentrated and in many cases extremely expensive due to the complexity of extraction, availability, and many other factors including how ethically and sustainably the oils (and plants they are derived from) are sourced.  

Essential oils are, in essence, the immune system of the plant in which they are found.  The molecular structure of essential oils is small enough to penetrate the outer layer of our (human) cellular wall - so the healing components (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory etc),  found within these oils, actually get to where they need to go to do their job!!

As time went on and my passion for the quality ingredients found SIMPLY in our GLORIOUS earth continued to fascinate me and I began creating the blends we offer today!  I love them, can't live without them, and really would love to share them with you.

Once I realized that:

1. natural ingredients (that I can pronounce) are just as effective and MUCH more enjoyable to use on my skin 


2. these luxurious, time-tested ingredients have been used in ancient beautification practices for centuries by royalty, well . . . 

Olive Juice Oils, Inc. was bound to be born!

Our Legacy Face Oil is the OG . . .- it's where it all began, when my daughter was 14 I developed Tender Face Oil for her, at 44 found out I was pregnant and developed our Lux Belly Oil.   When I stepped back, I realized God was creating a new line of skincare . . . I'm really just the messenger. 

Beyond anything that can be bought or sold, my truest desire is that when you use Olive Juice Oil products, you know you are loved.  

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